Programmable FCU Thermostat

  • Deluxe programmable thermostat for Fan Coil Unit of air conditioning systems. It’s designed to maintain your desired room temperature by 7-days program.
  • Many models for different FCU systems and also provide customized models.
  • Setting and operation easily by perfect buttons and large LCD. Provides you a more comfortable and convenient living environment.
  • Large LCD display with many messages for quick and easy checking and operation. Such as temperature measurement and set point, fan and valve working status, clock and program, etc.
  • Attractive turn-cover design, most frequently used keys are located right beside the LCD for quick and easy operation. Program keys are located on the interior to eliminate accidental setting changes.
  • Programmable control for your convenience with 7-day program of four time periods and four temperatures each day.
  • All setup are kept on after the event of the power failure.
  • Auto or manual fan speed switch selectable.
  • °F or °C temperature display selectable.
  • Constant hold feature allows continuous override. Temporary temperature override.
  • Unique lockable function makes all keys locked to eliminate accidental operation.
  • Key-card option keeps on the save energy temperature in non-occupancy for hotels and returns back automatically to the pre-set temperature once occupancy.
  • Infrared remote control optional.
  • Blue backlight optional
  • RS485 communication interface optional